30 Illegal Year in Nevada
"30 Illegal Years To The Strip"

These are the untold inside stories of Prohibition’s most powerful leaders, and how they later ran elegant, illegal casinos across America, before moving on to build the glamorous Las Vegas Strip gambling resorts.

All Agains the Law
"All Against The Law"

This book tells the remarkable true stories of America’s most infamous Public-Enemy- Number-1 gangsters. It documents the early history of the FBI under Director J. Edgar Hoover. It presents the careers of the first five Kansas City Mafia leaders, and how they financed several Las Vegas Strip resorts. It also presents the bitter infighting by President Truman in the White House with the Kansas City Mafia Chief, who led a large Democratic voting district.


PBS fundraiser book signing at Las Vegas Mob Museum

PBS fundraiser book signing
at Las Vegas Mob Museum


  • The Roaring ’20s illegal casinos.
  • The intriguing manipulations to legalize gambling.
  • The 1930s Depression legal casinos and their criminal high-rollers.
  • The WWII early Las Vegas Strip gambling resorts.
  • The great post-WWII casino boom in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe.
  • The most colorful operators and high-rolling players in history.
  • The gangster takeover of Nevada’s state government almost succeeded.
  • The murder of Ben “Bugsy” Siegel is solved!

About The Author

Bill Friedman is author of the sensational new award-winning book “30 Illegal Years To The Strip”. He wrote the award-winning, Depression era, true-crime “All Against The Law”.
He wrote the groundbreaking research work “Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition”, published by the University of Nevada Reno’s Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming.

About The Research

This biography about the author's career describes the unparalleled, historical research program that took him inside organized crime and led to these books. It also resulted in his careers in Las Vegas Strip casino management and worldwide casino consulting. The unusual circumstances surrounding them were filled with seemingly impenetrable roadblocks that were opened up by unexpected opportunities.


  • Insiders’ Histories of the Nevada Gambling Industry
  • Involvement of Infamous Organized Crime Gangs
  • Fast-Action True-Crime Stories
  • Explosive Political Exposes
  • An Entwined Criminal & Political World You Never Believed Existed in America
  • Unique, Entertaining, Memorable
  • Many incidents are Humorous or Touching
  • Exclusive Interviews With Prohibition’s Top Gangsters and Nevada’s Early Casino Operators
  • Thoroughly Documented
  • Books and Speeches